Project management

Management of the building process and coordinating the work of different contractors in the client’s best intrest:

  • maxit SIA fibo-block factory in Riga
  • the office building of maxit Estonia AS in Häädemeeste
  • metal-buoy renovation building in Tallinn
  • reconstruction of Hundipea dock-building
  • recosntruction of seamarks and lighthouses of Estonian Maritime Administration

Owner supervision of the construction process

Representing the owners and protecting their intrests to ensure that the construction coincides with the wishes of the owner and the legislation concerning construction:

  • The administrative building of Estonian Maritime Administration in Kuressaare.
  • Technical supervision of the construction of shopping centre Port Artur 2 in Pärnu.
  • Development of the plan for interior design of AS Tornimäe togheter with supervision.
  • Technical supervision of the extension to AS Optiroc’s factory in Aravete.
  • Organizing the renovation of the lighthouse in Naissaar together with supervision.

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