Advantages of steel constructions

  • Steel is light, yet very strong. Foundations can be lighter, transportation and handling on site is easier.
  • Steel allows considerable flexibility in its application. Building layouts can be tailored precisely to customer’s needs.
  • Very large spans can be achieved – up to 100m clear span.
  • Components are produced under factory conditions, ensuring accuracy and quality. Delivery co-ordination and site progress are easier to control.
  • Steel construction is fast. There is virtually no “wet” work.
  • Steel is environmentally friendly.

Speed of construction

  • Structural designs, drawings, Bills of Materials, are quickly generated with advanced CAD programmes.
  • Components are factory-produced on automated production lines.
  • Foundations are laid as building components are produced.
  • Assembly on building site is simple – bolted or screwed connections, no welding, some cutting or modification on site. No “wet” work. All parts are cut-to-length, pre-punched and individually identified.
  • Supply from one source only provides co-ordinated deliveries and component compability.

Collaboration partner

Lindab-Astron is European leader in steel buildings.
  • More than 40 years of experience in supplying more than 30 million square meters of buildings throughout Europe and other locations.
  • Factories in Luxembourg and in Czech Republic produce 70 buildings per week, which are designed according to customers’ needs.
  • Represented in all European countries.
AS PAG has been the authorized representative of steel constructions, their parts and components produced under the brand name of Astron since 2004.

Examples of Lindab-Astron buildings:

More information:

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